#1 thing that CEOs and business owners are getting wrong when targeting their marketing

While consulting with a business owner in the professional service space, we got around to talking about zeroing in on their target client.

It was a great reminder that the #1 thing that CEOs and business owners are getting wrong when target marketing is not identifying core behavior patterns.

From experience, there are not only demographics, (like the type of business) but there’s always behavior patterns that all of your best clients share.

For example, a consulting business may know that their ideal customer is not just a small business owner, but is also someone who participates in an industry association, joins committees, cares about their employees, brings their numbers to meetings or serves on the board of their chamber of commerce.

When you understand the behaviors that are most often exhibited by your clients, you can begin to identify your most promising places to advertise, what events you’re going to participate in, what trade shows you’re going to go to, and really focus on attracting more of that ideal client.

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