2 Common On-Page SEO Myths I Bust Every Day as a Small Business Marketing Consultant

Patrick McFadden
2 min readApr 3, 2024


As a small business marketing consultant, I encounter numerous misconceptions about search engine optimization (SEO) that continue to persist among business owners. In this article, I aim to debunk two prevalent SEO myths that I frequently find myself busting.

Myth #1: Including Your Brand Name in Title Tags for Local SEO

A common query I often receive is whether it’s necessary to include the brand name in title tags for local SEO. Contrary to popular belief, I usually advise against this practice for most small businesses, unless the brand is already well-established and recognizable within its target market.

Why skip adding your business name to the title tag? Here’s why:

Google’s penchant for rewriting title tags in search results can pose a significant challenge. Often, when businesses simply append their brand name to the end of the title tag, Google may push the brand name to the front, obscuring other essential keywords. For instance, if a law firm’s title tag reads “Richmond VA Criminal Lawyer | DUI | Domestic Violence,” Google might rearrange it to prioritize the brand name, resulting in crucial keywords being cut off. This can significantly hamper visibility and hinder SEO efforts.

Myth #2: The Length of Title Tags

Another widespread misconception pertains to the optimal length of title tags. Many SEO guides suggest adhering to a limit of 50 to 60 characters based on what Google typically displays in search results. However, recent revelations from Google challenge this notion.

Google has clarified that the perceived length limit for title tags is arbitrary and primarily stems from conventions established by SEO companies. In reality, there is no predefined limit to title tag length within Google’s algorithm. This means that businesses have more room to optimize their title tags beyond what is visibly displayed in search results.

In fact, there is significant potential to enhance SEO performance by extending title tags beyond the conventional character limit. By strategically incorporating additional keywords, such as specific localities or neighborhoods, businesses can positively impact their search rankings. This approach has been validated by real-world results, where businesses witnessed an uplift in rankings after expanding their title tags.

In conclusion, as a small business marketing consultant, I urge fellow entrepreneurs to challenge these SEO myths and adopt strategies that align with the latest insights and best practices. By understanding the nuances of SEO and implementing effective optimization techniques, businesses can enhance their online visibility and attract more qualified leads.

Let’s debunk these myths once and for all and pave the way for improved SEO performance in the competitive digital landscape.



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