3 Ways to Get Your Marketing In Shape to Sell to Existing Clients

Patrick McFadden
2 min readFeb 15, 2021

There’s an awful lot of work that goes into generating leads. It’s time, it’s money, it’s effort. This means that retaining leads is really where your less frictionless path lies.

Research has shown time and again that it’s cheaper to sell to an existing client than to a new one.

So what does that mean for your marketing efforts?

#1. Focus on your core online presence.

Existing customers will only stick around if their experience is one that builds trust. When you have a messy online presence that’s inconsistent or has big gaps in information, you make your clients doubt you. Have you ever thought twice about using a particular service provider because they had a bare-bones website or they weren’t anywhere to be found on Yelp?

#2. Focus on building a strong onboarding process for existing clients.

This needs to be a process that’s practical, allows you to monitor results, and make changes and improvements based on feedback.

#3. Focus on creating real value for existing clients.

Build processes that really train, experiences that surprise and delight, and a referral process that provides true incentive or motivation to pass your name along to others.

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