Patrick McFadden

Oct 24, 2020

1 min read

9/10 times marketing strategy means narrowing who you’ve been trying to market and sell to

If you Google “marketing strategy” you’ll be welcomed by any number of articles that reveal a list of marketing tactics — websites, content, promotions, social media, etc.

But that’s not how I see effective marketing developed and installed in the real world of a small business. Diagnosis (strategy) before prescription (tactics) is how you do effective marketing.

Meaning 9/10 times you will be narrowing who you’ve been trying to market/sell to. Many small businesses try to be all things, so they compete with all things.

For example: If you’re a small business consulting firm, your ideal client is not just anyone who owns a small business. Sure, some of them are, but what makes a client ideal for your specific consulting approach?

This also is the main reason why so many businesses can’t differentiate because “they’re all things to all people.”

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