If you are to be effective at marketing your small business you must understand there are two sides of the coin.

Most of you know the tactics side of things — website design, blogs, podcasts, graphics, videos, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, digital advertising, etc.

Where you need to up your game is on the strategy side.

Strategy is the compass for your marketing.

It involves a clear and concise understanding of your:

👓 vision
💼 mission
✅ objectives
🎯 ideal customer within your target market
🤕 the real reasons your ideal customers buy from you
📢 the messages that communicate your difference
📑 buying process that an ideal customer would take

Your strategy will dictate and choose your tactics. This is what makes this two-sided coin effective.

The topic for today’s post is drawn from a conversation I had about content with Laura, a government contractor.⠀

I recently was pursuing a marketing strategy engagement for another company they operate when Laura emailed me to me express her concerns about the topic.⠀

I thought I would share some insight into…

Digging into a recent study I found some interesting data that shows, generating qualified b2b leads remains a top challenge for businesses and a third of b2b leads want the opportunity to see a service/product in action very early on.

Read more: https://buff.ly/3j2zBAT

Most marketing gets ignored not because it’s bad (though sometimes that’s the problem) but it’s badly timed.

For many B2B owners and CEOs marketing and sales seems to be a mystery. Just do a search on the topic and you’ll find little that’s helpful.⠀ …

Your marketing process must be designed to educate, build trust, demonstrate how your approach is different and build value for your proposition. ⠀

In this quest, it’s important to demand that your prospects get this education.⠀

I know this sounds a little direct, but the quickest path to the wrong client is to create a client that doesn’t have the proper expectation about how you work, what you expect of them, and why what you do provides so much value. ⠀

It’s your responsibility to create this education and your duty to make certain that your prospects get this education. ⠀

The goal is mutual fit and that takes work⠀

During this event, one student approached my table with the best question you could ask:

“Sell me on your marketing firm and services?”

As soon as I heard this question I immediately knew this would be a teachable moment.

So I proceeded with asking pre-qualification questions, around what type of…

When it comes to #marketing, knowing where to start is the real challenge for business owners and CEOs of small businesses.⠀⠀
Some of you try to do too much and the rest of you just can’t find a starting point.⠀⠀
The best place to start your marketing is from #strategy.⠀⠀
Before you ever consider a list of things and tactics and activities to grow your business figure out the #strategyfirst.⠀⠀
This means …. knowing who and what type of clients you best serve, what specific need or problem you solve, developing a problem-solving message and communicating your specific way to solve it.⠀⠀

It’s better to get one prospect generation tactic working reasonably well than to run off chasing the next trending tool of the month.

I’m guilty, I know most small business owners are, of chasing the next new thing. The truth is that most well-thought-out marketing strategies will pay off given your complete attention and patience to take hold.

My advice as you are making plans for 2022 is to find one or two good strategies and tactics at the most and COMMIT https://lnkd.in/esTYVTCW to them.

If you find something that shows promise, focus on making it even more powerful > https://buff.ly/3FUsiFi

Don’t fall prey to the new shiny web 3.0 application that promises to make your life marginally better (or not)

Create one strategy, finish it, test it, improve it and use it without regret.

Clarity comes from engagement — not thought⠀

Feeling stuck?⠀

> talk to a customer⠀
> survey your customers⠀
> listen to a panel with target customers⠀
> read your testimonials and reviews⠀
> Scan past request for help form fills ⠀
> attend a webinar ⠀
> review past proposals ⠀
> book a consulting engagement⠀

Just get engaged ⠀

Expectations are almost everything. Meet them and people are mostly happy. ⠀

Watch Video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVVOqzyrk_1/

Exceed them and they are mostly overjoyed. Fail to meet them and sometimes nothing else matters.⠀

The key of course lies in properly setting them in the first place.⠀

I had a client years ago that wanted a project by Friday. ⠀

I knew that would be no problem so I said, in…

Patrick McFadden

Marketing Consultant // CEO of @indispmarketing // I help service businesses install marketing as a process so they increase visibility & make the phone ring

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