Recently I was asked, “if you were sitting in front of a consulting or law firm, they’ve got a couple of clients but want to grow their business, and attract more clients, where would you start?

The very first thing we do with every client is define who can you help?

I know that sounds like a really broad question. But from experience, the answer usually is anybody who needs consulting or legal advice, and that’s unfortunately where a lot of people start.

However, if you take that consultant or lawyer and look at:

  • what do their ideal clients look…

I’m noticing some small businesses create and hire for a customer success position in some form or capacity.

Because most owners and CEOs of small businesses have limited time, money and attention spans this got me thinking about how could more address this business function but within their resources?

The solution I’ve been thinking about is to create services that have customer success responsibilities or functions baked in.

We’ve been exploring and implementing this at my marketing firm through what we call the marketing maturity model of Launch, Grow, and Amplify. This shift in our service delivery shows the customer…

In 2017, I did a presentation called “You Have a Lead. Now What?” for the River City Express Network which is an affiliate of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), one of the largest professional women’s organizations in the country.

I talked about there’s a huge difference between getting leads and creating sales.

That content, networking, advertising and lead generation activities are the elements of marketing that get most of the attention. But these alone do not fully complete a lead-to-client process.

For example in the home service space, bringing in a lead is 1/9th of the process.

  • You have…

Where Do FREE Consultations, Estimates, Quotes, Webinars, Presentations, and Small Engagements Fit In Your Business?⠀

It’s not enough to simply make a promise these days.⠀

You must find ways to offer substantial proof that you can deliver a result.⠀

Case studies and customer testimonials are a great place to start, but nothing beats a real-life experience.⠀

It’s why you’ll often hear me say, “the best way to effectively sell a service is to start by giving it away.”⠀

This is the place where consultations, trial offers, evaluations, workshops, or small engagements of what you do can allow people to sample your expertise in a lower-risk form in order to make the decision to make a full purchase more easily.⠀

Had a great time at the @chesterfieldchamberva monthly luncheon talking about narrowing your focus to who you best serve, how to discover the thing you do that clients value, and using your website to turn visitors into leads.

Check out the remarks below:

It’s time you know the real insight into social media success for a small business. ⠀

If you prefer not to read the post here’s the answer: be strategic. ⠀

Now for the rest of you, let’s have a deeper conversation:⠀

Most business owners when thinking about social media, immediately think about the platforms — you know, #facebook, #tiktok, #linkedin, #pintrest, #twitter, #instagram, #clubhouse, etc. (Don’t worry most marketers do too)⠀

But in my marketing consulting work with growing small businesses, I’m here today to once again affirm that none of the social media platforms matter until you are crystal clear about business…

The secret for any small business to make price a non-sticking point is to offer your service with some remarkable and desirable element that is wanted and valued by ideal clients.

Until you can offer a solid reason for why a prospect should buy from or hire you over the competition, you’ll compete on price.

This is why solution selling and responding to RFPs isn’t for everyone, because in general, they make every #business look the same and make price the primary issue.

What I advise small businesses to do is start with a diagnosis before prescription. That means start…

The thing about being an owner or CEO of a small business is that you’re unfaithful. You like change and have a wandering eye especially when it comes to marketing.

You get bored of marketing messages very quickly. You’re sick of that tired old tagline and that worn-out core message. Guess what, it’s a pretty good bet that your target market hasn’t even heard it yet, let alone grown tired of it.

You’ve got to put your best marketing message out there and then stick with it until the cows are on the moon.

Have you heard the following messages?

Starting with a prescription before a diagnosis.

Thinking you just need a website, content creation, Facebook ads, or first page ranking on Google to make your marketing effective.

These are elements of marketing but don’t really help you address who to market to, what should you be communicating, and where should you be placing your message — the effective part.

These answers come from a diagnosis. …

DOUBLE what you know about your best customers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Constantly seeking feedback from your customers!

Customer feedback has always been like a secret cash hideout. Generally, when entrepreneurs and business owners talk about marketing, they only talk about direct mail, email, copy, Facebook, LinkedIn and promotions — you know, more tactics.

But many ignore that Customer Feedback is actually a very indispensable step, where you can learn how to market your business more effectively = boost sales.

Before you determine whether Facebook is better for your organization than LinkedIn or if direct mail is still an effective way to boost sales, start at the point where you…

Patrick McFadden

Marketing Consultant // CEO of @indispmarketing // I help service businesses install marketing as a process so they increase visibility & make the phone ring

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