As a consultant, you’re not only the product, you’re also its seller.

One of the best ways to build your visibility and authority while developing a market for you as a product is through speaking engagements.

So what makes speaking engagements the most effective marketing tool in your tool belt?

1. Rev Up Referral Marketing — during speaking engagements referral introductions can be planned and made.

2. Boost SEO Rankings — most speaking engagements often have a landing page promoting the event with links back to your website which helps your SEO.

3. Fuel Lead Generation Efforts — for many B2B consultants the best lead generation environments involve educational events. By collecting email addresses and offering free consultations or low cost offerings you ignite your lead generation.

So let me ask you this one question:

If you only got paid after clients got the results you promised, what key characteristics would these clients have to have in order for you to take that risk — to say yes?

This forces you to ask:

+ who do you best serve?
+ who can you deliver the greatest value to?
+ who can you get results for?

It’s really important that you develop the habit of understanding who it is that you’re going after, identifying them, and building your entire business around attracting them.

One of the most important elements in your marketing is a narrowly-defined ideal client.

Tip: Use your best clients today to help you think about what makes them ideal for you.

Recently I heard a story where a local print shop owner told a client, “I’m sorry that we’ve taken a long time on your yard signs, etc., but to get the top-level employees that I need and deliver the quality of the product that I’m acceptable with, you’re going to wait, you’ll still pay a premium but you’re going to wait.”

What this local print shop owner knows that most small businesses miss is that it’s easier to apologize for paying a premium than to apologize for a low-quality product.

FYI: The client mentioned how they respected this because they know this shop owner doesn’t produce or print out crap.

One of the things that I think is important to understand, first off, is that you don’t have to play in every marketing channel.

That’s one of the things that causes a lot of stress with a lot of business owners and marketers today.

What you do have to do is get very good at playing in the right channels, and additionally getting very good at integrating those channels (or at least understanding how they support each other).

That’s a challenge for a lot of people.

We look at social media, content, SEO, and PR, and we think that they’re all separate tactics out there doing separate jobs.

When you look at them together, and actually intentionally think about how they can support each other, you amplify the effect, or the impact, of each.

So often owners and CEOs of small businesses get stuck in reaction marketing and wonder why it always feels like such a bumpy road.

Marketing should feel graceful, thoughtful, even joyful, but that takes planning and patience — mostly though it takes process thinking.

I believe that the strategy and…

Patrick McFadden

Marketing Consultant // CEO of @indispmarketing // I help service businesses install marketing as a process so they increase visibility & make the phone ring

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