Patrick McFadden

Great, and highly effective marketing results in these 3 unmistakable signs:⠀

#1. You see an increase in the right customers at the right time engaging you for the right service. ⠀

#2. The 3rd party-proof (reviews, testimonials, unsolicited feedback, etc.) you’re receiving is aligning with the messaging being promoted.⠀

#3. Your customers are not only willing to pay a premium — they expect to do so.⠀

I work as a small business marketing consultant and so it’s no shock to me that there’s some unrealistic advice out here around hiring marketing help.

Consulting firms and consultants aren’t one-trick magicians, we are amplifiers of success.

So here is my realistic marketing advice when it’s the wrong time to hire us:

- Don’t hire a marketing consultant or consulting firm to fix your…

Patrick McFadden

Patrick McFadden

Marketing Consultant // CEO of @indispmarketing // I help service businesses install marketing as a process so they increase visibility & make the phone ring