Patrick McFadden

Feb 7, 2021

1 min read

Address The Real Problem Your Client Wants to be Solved

Oftentimes, your client isn’t entirely aware of the problem they have.

They may be unaware of what the real problem is, or they might have difficulty identifying what it is that truly ails them.

For example, let’s say you own a remodeling firm. Your ideal client might say that their problem is that they have an old, ugly, outdated kitchen. But in reality, their problem is that they don’t have a functional family gathering space.

They’re defining their problem in purely practical terms, but it’s really bigger than that.

What you bring to the table with your remodeling services is the opportunity for a better life, by creating a kitchen where a family can relax, spend time together, and create memories.

When thinking about the problem you need to address in your marketing, it’s important to look beyond that surface-level pain point. Very frequently, what really plagues your client at their core is something emotional, not practical.