Effective Marketing Eliminates Your Need To Sell

Patrick McFadden
1 min readDec 11, 2019

One of our clients that’s been with us for 2–3 yrs now recently be told me how their marketing process is rocking aka effective.

They received a call from a prospect who found their website from a Google search, but what was interesting about this interaction was that they were already sold.

You see this prospect said our client showed up for almost all the different Google searches that they tried (brand awareness), and when they got to the homepage they saw they’ve been voted best local company (trust), and the video testimonials (sampling their expertise) sealed the deal.

I understand there will always be confusion about effective marketing that’s why many of you create a marketing team and sales team.

Effective marketing is first and foremost all about lots of exposure to your market from many angles. You never rely on one form of communication to get the job done.

In a sense you must have many campaigns going: referral, advertising, public relations, business development, strategic partner, online, speaking, newsletter, etc.

How will you know your marketing is effective? When you start receiving calls or emails and they are already sold.

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Patrick McFadden

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