Established and Existing Businesses Develop A Different Set of Problems

Patrick McFadden
1 min readNov 28, 2022

Recently I was speaking with the CEO of a 100-year-old manufacturer and distributor in the South East part of the country.

Our conversation revolved around the development and installation of a “marketing” focused sales strategy.

You see, being in business over a certain period of time often brings its own set of challenges.

🤕 outdated focus on client needs and priorities
🤕 out of touch buying process
🤕 shift in the competitive landscape
🤕 aged point of view of how your brand is perceived
🤕 communication of outdated benefits clients receive from working with you

Developing a smart strategy plan is a process. And from my perspective, it is a process that requires strong marketing leadership.

Why marketing? Because the required research and analysis is a core marketing function.

Don’t make the mistake of focusing at the beginning on the services you offer or the way your company is organized.

The best strategies/tactics/campaigns revolve around the market (a narrowly defined ideal customer) as it really is, not the way we think it is or wish it were or used to be.

Start with a diagnosis before prescription



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