Follow-Up or Fall on Your Face Small Business Owners

Why do most businesses lose sales and customers?

No follow up 📵

Every business must participate in the follow up game.

Here’s a recent email that got me a meeting with a referral that’s been in our pipeline for 10 months.

Note: I keep a conversational tone, took the time to look at their marketing asset, mentioned our mutual connection and offered to provide value on something relevant to them.

Hey (Prospect), Yes! You’re still on my list of folks to help move to the next level.

Really like the direction the website is moving in and would love to offer some recommendations that would make a significant impact.

By the way, (referral source name) always speaks highly of you and your services.

What does your calendar look like to connect?



Patrick McFadden

Small Business Marketing Consultant // CEO of @indispmarketing // I install a marketing process to increase visibility, grow revenue & make your phone ring