Patrick McFadden

Oct 24, 2020

1 min read

How a small professional service firm’s narrow market focus generated sales through COVID-19

Recently I had a phone call with the managing partner of a 10 yr well-positioned and growing professional service firm that has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19.

While discussing their firm and marketing moving forward the managing partner mentioned they are being requested and asked to submit proposals on new virtual opportunities they didn’t know existed.

Here’s the takeaway and insight from this whether it’s good economic times or bad:

If you can become known, liked, and trusted by a very narrow target market for doing something unique in a way that target clients want and value, you will attract opportunities you never knew existed, compete on expertise and services instead of price and no longer live totally at the mercies of the ups and downs beyond your control.

Always better to be a meaningful specific (someone) than a wandering generality (no one).

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