How Small Business Owners Can Use 3 Steps to Map Your Marketing Foundation

Patrick McFadden
2 min readMay 1, 2021

If you follow me or have worked with the Indispensable Marketing team, we will often talk about having a marketing foundation based on diagnosis before prescription.

So the question has come up: how do you map your marketing foundation? What does that look like?

Stage One: Understanding, Narrowing, and Choosing your Ideal Client

For us, the first thing you have to understand is who makes an ideal client or makes up the multiple segments of ideal clients for your business.

From my experience, you can’t spend enough time narrowing, refining, and understanding that. Even to the point of identifying what they care about, what they value, how they want to be served and what makes them tick. Spend a lot of time on this.

Stage Two: Understand What You Do That Is Wanted and Valued

And the second part — particularly for existing businesses — is to really fully understand what it is you do that is wanted and valued by this ideal client. Avoid what you think it is, and focus on what your clients think.

Stage Three: Turn Into a Message and Make the Customer the Hero

The third part is turning that into a core marketing message where you make the customer the hero of the story and you’re simply the guide.

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