Patrick McFadden

Nov 27, 2021

1 min read

I Work In Small Business Marketing. I Know Why So Many Owners Are Struggling

Very few marketing people talk 🗣 about this very important ❗ topic.

Instead of asking:
- should my business be on LinkedIn and TikTok?
- should my business do direct mail?
- should my business have a good website?

And all the things that make up the tactics in your marketing, you first have to start asking:

Who is your ideal client? And by “ideal” I don’t mean target market.

- Who are you best suited to serve?
- Who do you want to serve?
- Who can you get positive results or outcomes for?
- Who do you most enjoy serving?
- Who are you able to bring the most value to?

Without asking and going on the search for this information I can bet that you’re probably working with the wrong marketing agency or hired the wrong marketer. ⠀

I can tell you from experience that there’s no way to execute a marketing tactic, or choose a marketing channel, or hire a marketing tool effectively at least intentionally and strategically without having a solid marketing diagnosis in place. ⠀