Navigating Ghosting in Home Services: Strategies for Turning Prospects into Clients

Patrick McFadden
2 min readJan 19, 2024


In the world of home services, owners and CEOs often find themselves in a unique position of dealing with prospective clients who go silent after an in-person quote.

The frustration is real, but so are the solutions. If you’ve ever faced the challenge of potential clients vanishing into thin air, this article is for you.

Let’s explore the common scenario and discuss effective resolutions.

Strategies for Resolving Ghosting:

  1. 💸 Charge an Inspection Fee: Consider introducing an inspection fee to sift through serious inquiries and filter out price shoppers. Valuing your time sets the stage for building a more committed client base.
  2. 📅 Establish Next Steps During the Visit: Proactive follow-up starts during the home visit. Before leaving, agree on the next steps and set a follow-up time that suits both parties. This not only respects their time but also contributes to a positive experience.
  3. 📞 Persist with Purpose: “I’m going to follow up until you tell me no.” Recognize that ghosting might be rooted in indecision, not disinterest. Stay persistent, add value, and position yourself as the solution to their problem.
  4. 📧 “Where Do We Go From Here” Message: Send a simple yet impactful re-engagement message after the walkthrough. “Hey [First Name], after our walkthrough, I’d hate to keep clogging your inbox. Where do we go from here?” It’s a respectful nudge to keep the conversation flowing.
  5. 🤝 Post-Close Feedback: After closing a deal, ask clients about three reasons they chose your company. This creates an emotional connection and can prevent cancellations. While not a direct fix for ghosting, it builds a positive rapport.

Wrap Up

In the realm of home services, overcoming ghosting requires a combination of strategic approaches. The goal is not to be annoying but to be persistent with purpose.

By implementing these tips, you can transform ghosting clients into satisfied customers, fostering long-term relationships and success for your home service business.

Remember, the journey from prospect to client is a dynamic one, and with the right strategies, you can navigate it successfully.



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