Patrick McFadden

Jul 10, 2021

2 min read

Objectives before platforms is the secret to social media success

It’s time you know the real insight into social media success for a small business. ⠀

If you prefer not to read the post here’s the answer: be strategic. ⠀

Now for the rest of you, let’s have a deeper conversation:⠀

Most business owners when thinking about social media, immediately think about the platforms — you know, #facebook, #tiktok, #linkedin, #pintrest, #twitter, #instagram, #clubhouse, etc. (Don’t worry most marketers do too)⠀

But in my marketing consulting work with growing small businesses, I’m here today to once again affirm that none of the social media platforms matter until you are crystal clear about business objectives. ⠀

The truth is you may be wasting time on what you’re doing with social media because it doesn’t help achieve your objective of growing your business or getting more clients or the things that we tend to want to do in marketing. ⠀

What has become more clear today than ever is social media isn’t about the tools or platforms but meeting your business objectives.⠀

So, what would be your top two or three marketing objectives for the 3rdQ and 4thQ? Once you have those, it’s simply a matter of saying, “Okay, how could social media help me do that? Here’s a list of specific actions or tactics we are going to use in order to have social media accomplish those objectives.”⠀

You may have noticed by now, I haven’t 🤐🚫🤐🚫 mentioned a single platform yet. That’s because I think this is the element that’s missing, that we don’t understand how we’re going to use it and why we’re going to use it so we can make the right decisions about when and where. ⠀