Price is a Function of Value

If this is true then the question is: what do your clients consider value?

For most businesses, their clients do not value the basic service #accountingg, #consulting, #landscaping, #plumbing, etc.) that they provide.

Often when we are engaged to develop or refresh the marketing strategy for a client we go on the search for the answers to the question above.

Over the years what we’ve found is the following:

A HVAC business clients value “how they arrive on time and clean up after the job”

A Law Firm clients value “how they call them back in a timely manner”

A Consulting Firm clients value “how they help them look at problems in a different way”

A training firm clients value “how they assist in business development”

Most of the small businesses we speak with default into thinking “their clients don’t value these things” but ironically our research reveals time and time again that’s not true and it’s the biggest thing their client’s value and will pay for.

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