Q&A with Small Business Marketing Consultant Patrick McFadden: 2021

What’s the biggest mistake you see most small contractor and professional service businesses make? And what should they do instead?

The biggie is trying to be everything to everyone. If you can narrow your focus to a specific ideal client or audience you stand a far greater chance of attracting them as an “expert” in their needs.

What do you see as some of the biggest opportunities for small contractors and professional service businesses in 2021?

Fusing online with offline efforts. Small local businesses still have the opportunity to dominate their local market with some effort into directories, social media, and local content building.

What are your essential marketing tips for businesses for 2021?

Look at your business as a platform for transformation instead of offering a transaction — explore all the ways you can build your services to take clients from where they are to where they want to be. Explore the ways you can create a customer success map that can bring everything your clients need.

I’m noticing some small businesses create and hire for a customer success position in some form or capacity.

Because most owners and CEOs of small businesses have limited time, money and attention spans this got me thinking about how could more address this business function but within their resources?

The solution I’ve been thinking about is to create services that have customer success elements baked in.

We’ve been exploring and implementing this at my marketing firm through what we call the marketing maturity model of Launch, Grow, and Amplify. This shift in our service delivery shows the customer the path to value and success. https://lnkd.in/e-gPNBj

Essentially all new clients go through or are checked off the launch stage to make sure their marketing foundation and assets are established and ready to mature to the next level. For us this equates to future success.

Structuring our services this way holds the key to maximizing our customers’ lifetime value (LTV).

Let me know your thoughts on structuring your services with a customer success element?

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