Patrick McFadden

Feb 15, 2021

1 min read

Small Business Owners Must Think About Improving The Customer Experience With Virtual and Cloud Technology

Before COVID my small business marketing firm began to embrace virtual and cloud-based technology but today it has become a bigger part of doing business.

The biggest benefit I have seen is the improvement of internal systems and processes. For sure it’s made it easier for my distributed team to collaborate and get things done.

However, the social distancing mandate has been the real thing that has allowed us as well as our clients to provide an even better customer experience.

It’s not just about convenience or lowering cost, it’s now a part of the customer’s expectation that virtual and cloud technology is to be used to improve safety and enhance the customer experience.

So, think about how you can use virtual and cloud-based tools to help with payment collection, online collaboration, and other customer service features to make your customer experience even more seamless.

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