The Missing Element To Do More Business With Existing Clients

It’s a truism that “one of the easiest ways to grow your business is to do more business with your existing clients” but often the key element to executing this marketing strategy is never talked about.

What is it? Trust.

Once you have become a trusted resource by your existing clients then it is much easier to increase your business with them than to go out and find new clients.

A lot of owners and CEOs of small service businesses come out of the gate with subscription or maintenance type offering do more business with your existing clients but they never take off because they are not a trusted resource yet.

Currently, we’re working with the CEO of a highly successful professional service firm located in California to update their marketing strategy but in this process, we’re also helping with transitioning their service offering to more of a maintenance model with existing clients. But what’s been the biggest key in transition is the earned reputation of this firm as a trusted resource by their existing clients.

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