The Real Reason Working With a Small Business is a Challenge

As founder of a small business marketing consulting firm, I have the privilege and honor to see and feel the challenges of working with owners and CEOs of small businesses first hand.

From my experience, the primary challenge of working with a small business (regardless of their maturity stage) is a lack of resources: specifically time constraints and attention spans.

Now my marketing consulting firm offers to develop and install marketing as a process, so a lot of our clients initially are of the mindset that, “I bought the marketing”, so just go do the marketing.

But it’s a partnership, not a transaction. We learn about your business, your voice and tone, your clients, your values, your servicing, your billing, your sales process, and support the overall (sometimes changing) business goals set forth by the owner and CEO.

The clients that are most successful with us are the ones that understand this partnership. We talk regularly and take this journey together.

Those clients that just feel like they bought a marketing product and dump it in my lap, those client relationships are not as successful. There’s a huge difference between delegation and abdication.

That’s the challenge of working with small businesses.

Marketing Consultant // CEO of @indispmarketing // I help service businesses install marketing as a process so they increase visibility & make the phone ring