The small business scaling mistake to avoid when possible

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been in talks with business owners and CEOs of small businesses who want to scale.

During one of the conversations, I spoke with an owner who has a hard time letting things go and consequently making the scaling mistake that you need to know about: waiting to delegate.

One of the reasons scaling can be so intimidating is because it entails handing off tasks and responsibilities to other employed resources or team members. If you’ve historically been cost-conscious, you may have been waiting to invest in more help, believing that you and your current team can handle it even as things ramp up. But from my experience, the most effective owners and CEOs know that it’s critical to bring on more hands as the business scales.

Your role as an owner or CEO is to handle the strategy of the scale as opposed to all the work required of a scale.

“A business owner looks at the work to be done and thinks, ‘How can I get all this done?’ An entrepreneur looks at the same work and ponders, ‘How can I get someone else to do all of this?’”

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