Think Targeted for Marketing Success

Patrick McFadden
1 min readMay 26, 2020


A lot of people are throwing out pivoting advice for small business owners to move their business online, or consider new markets.

I think this is great advice but the thinking might not apply to your business. That’s been the case for one of our professional service clients heavily impacted by the COVID-19.

For them and their business, it’s been more effective to THINK targeted. Here’s what I mean overall:

- determining what ideal (their best) engagements look like and going to work on building relationships for those opportunities
- figuring out ways to serve this group now or near term
-discovering why ideal clients do business with them and focusing on how to do it better
-determining how serving in new ways would attract more engagements and clients
- creating processes that make service-delivery better, faster, and cheaper

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