Understanding Client Problems is the Secret to Marketing Success

The most important step to any marketing effort is to define what your customer really wants. Not what you think they might want.

Let’s say you’re a managing partner of a law firm. Your potential clients will automatically assume that you know how to provide legal advice and navigate legal requirements. But that doesn’t really address the problem the potential client has.

For most clients, their biggest problem associated with an attorney is about something beyond the legal service they provide. Clients hate when attorneys do not return phone calls or emails in a timely manner. When attorneys make them feel bad about asking questions or not explaining things in layman’s terms. These are the real problems your clients have.

So your marketing message is not, “We know how to practice business law” or “ We have the knowledge and experience to help” — of course, you do! Instead, it’s “We return your calls, every time.” Or, “We welcome all questions and always make it easy to understand.”

Truly understanding your customer problem is the first step to marketing success.

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