Understanding Your Ideal Prospect Is The Ultimate “Growth Hack”

Recently was speaking with the CEO of an accounting and bookkeeping firm in Maryland about growing through strategic targeting of an industry vertical.

One bit of advice I gave was investing time to understand your target ideal prospect and how they make decisions is the ultimate “growth hack”

BTW that comes from conducting client research in the form of interviews.

The best piece of advice for finding where your customers hang out is research in the form of customer interviews.

The one thing that remains true in business and marketing is that the customer is the boss.

So my advice to seek feedback from your customers shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Here are the questions you should ask your customers:

1. What made you decide to hire us in the first place?
2. What type of online content were you looking for?
3. What would you Google to find a business like ours?
4. What are your must-attend events or conferences?
5. How do you stay up-to-date and educated in your world?

Let me know if you’ve ever done this in the comments below

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