What Happens When You Assemble The Pieces Of The Marketing Puzzle Without a Process

Patrick McFadden
1 min readDec 18, 2021

Marketing gets messy when you forget this simple practice… marketing is a process.

It must be developed, orchestrated, implemented, and installed in a process way.

Earlier this year I sat down with the principal of a law firm to chat about marketing.

She admitted that it’s been a challenge to gain traction with their firm’s marketing. She’s hired a website agency, a social media person, a video person, and about any other marketer that’s promised to grow their law firm.

I told her it’s actually hard to buy and execute marketing services as a small business owner.

Everybody is selling a piece of the puzzle, a fraction of this and, “I’ll do this for you” and, “I’ll do that”. She agreed.

What she really wanted and needed was a marketing partner who could put all of their marketing together in a strategic sense and process way >>> http://ow.ly/Icss50H30mi



Patrick McFadden

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