What you must figure out first before — websites, social media, advertising, videos, and promotions

Marketing strategy is one of my favorite topics, and it’s been something I’ve heavily focused on over the years because so many CEOs and Business Owners want to talk about tactics, you know — email, websites, Linkedin, networking events, videos, SEO, and promotions.

Marketing strategy is the part you have to figure out first before you ever go out there and start listing the things you’re going to do to create awareness and to convert those ideal prospects that have a need into clients.

So, What is a marketing strategy?

“Defining a very specific type of client, with a very specific need or problem, and developing a message and process to solve that problem in a very specific way.”

Now you turn to tactics.

If your ideal customer finds businesses by searching the web, you need to create a website so you rank in Google. If your ideal customer trusts the recommendations of others, you need testimonials/reviews on your website to build trust. If your ideal customer needs to see your past performance, you need to display that information in lots of places that prove your capacity levels and legitimacy as a business.

These are the tactics that align with the larger marketing strategy.

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