Why do customers buy from you

Patrick McFadden
1 min readSep 27, 2021

Know the reasons people hire you better

Lately, I’ve been having conversations with owners and CEOs of growing businesses, who are starting to realize that there are very specific reasons why people choose to do business with them over someone else.

Usually, I’m being presented with the reasons they think they’re getting hired but in almost every case I see opportunities to get much better at helping define what that is.

One of the best ways to do that is to pick out some of your ideal customers, five, seven, ten, and sit down and interview them over the phone.

Now, you can also use surveys broadly to send out to all of your customers. But I want you to think about really engaging some of your ideal customers, and that’s best done over the phone.

You want to ask them:

1. why they chose you?
2. why they stick with you?
3. what specific problem you solve?

And here’s a hint: it probably has nothing to do with your core product or service specifically.



Patrick McFadden

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