Why You Must Market Problem Solving Over Solutions

Hard Truth! It’s lazy to assume that your customer wants the core service you provide whether that is accounting, consulting, landscaping, plumbing, coaching, training, etc.)

Instead, speak with them to learn what they believe they will get, achieve, dodge, or acquire based on buying what you sell.

This will uncover the real reason they do business with you and the problem you really solve for them.

For example, we were working with a tree service that attracted a specific type of homeowner. After interviewing their customers we spotted the following in several summaries — “They never damage my yard and always clean up when they’re done.”

Turns out that their ideal customer had beautiful front and back yards and didn’t want any damage done to the monthly landscaping work they pay for.

While most of their competitor’s messaging focused on how they were award-winning, voted best, and having 60yrs experience at removing trees our client began to focus on — “We never damage your yard and always clean up when we’re done.” — getting prospective homeowners to pay a premium to solve that problem.

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