You Can’t Make Every Customer Successful

Patrick McFadden
2 min readAug 25, 2021
  • What if the purpose of a business was to discover what it takes to make your customer successful?
  • What if growth came with your customers, not from them?
  • What if your business succeeds when your customer succeeds?

That’s how I’ve developed my small business marketing firm services over the years and the one thing I took away from this approach has been: you can’t make every customer successful.

It doesn’t matter that you think everyone needs what you have to sell.

What Qualifications Every Ideal Customer Has

Ideal customers have the right set of problems, the right circumstances, the right characteristics, the right motivation, the right beliefs, the right behavior, and the right amount of money.

Building a Home Is Like Building Your Marketing

Was just explaining to a prospective client how when building a home you can only go as high as your foundation allows. This concept also applies to your business and marketing.

Marketing Foundation

For owners and CEOs of small businesses, I believe in a marketing maturity model where you must Launch, Grow and Amplify your marketing.

What does launch, grow, and amplify really mean?

When you’re focused on building a business, you need long-term effective marketing, and this starts with a solid marketing foundation that scales and matures as your business does.

This equates to having a handful of marketing channels and existing marketing assets that will first need to be Launched, then Grown, and finally Amplified as you build your business.

It’s this process approach to marketing that allows you to build your business as high as you want.

Inside Look at Indispensable Marketing:

Our marketing process is built around the fact that the way people buy has and is changing and evolving. Because of this, we have solidified about a handful of channels that our approach is built around.

The secret to making our client’s #marketing effective is to understand that all of these channels exist, but our job is to look at where each business is maturity-wise and then see which channels make sense for them.

For example, if a #business has an outdated website, no social media profiles, and no email marketing presence, they’re not going to be ready to start video marketing. We’ve got to go back to basics with them and get those foundational steps up and running before moving on to other channels.

We use a Launch, Grow, and Amplify roadmap to show a client how they’ll move down the marketing maturity model. We charge a monthly retainer fee and can show a client exactly where we’re going to take them.

A lot of marketing agencies and service providers sell a project or specific result; we show clients how they have the ability to launch, grow and amplify over the years if they stick with us and our plan to mature their marketing with their business.



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