3 Ways to Get Your Marketing In Shape to Sell to Existing Clients

#1. Focus on your core online presence.

Existing customers will only stick around if their experience is one that builds trust. When you have a messy online presence that’s inconsistent or has big gaps in information, you make your clients doubt you. Have you ever thought twice about using a particular service provider because they had a bare-bones website or they weren’t anywhere to be found on Yelp?

#2. Focus on building a strong onboarding process for existing clients.

This needs to be a process that’s practical, allows you to monitor results, and make changes and improvements based on feedback.

#3. Focus on creating real value for existing clients.

Build processes that really train, experiences that surprise and delight, and a referral process that provides true incentive or motivation to pass your name along to others.



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Patrick McFadden

Patrick McFadden


Small Business Marketing Consultant // CEO of @indispmarketing // I change how clients think about your business so you can make your competition irrelevant